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municipal ownership:

see public ownershippublic ownership,
government ownership of lands, streets, public buildings, utilities, and other business enterprises. The theory that all land and its resources belong ultimately to the people and therefore to the government is very ancient.
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At the least, a move to municipalization or CCA entails a referendum vote, which presents a chance not only for a community to endorse local ownership, but also to impose particular conditions upon it.
For CONASS, the difficulty of articulating the regional networks would result from two factors: the form of health management municipalization, which really fragmented the system under the induction of MoH through financial transfers; and the inheritance of the National Institute of Medical Assistance and Social Welfare (INAMPS), whose hospital network in fact never joined the primary care networks (Respondents 1 and 2).
A biochemist, she says the municipalization was not her first choice.
But the remaining 24% were sham privatized by municipalization, contribution to another SOE and other sham privatization methods.
Local leaders had been calling for municipalization of the gas and light plant for years, and when the private franchise expired in 1903, Berlin's residents voted to purchase the works.
Russia has seen wide scale muniCipalization of property as part of its reform processes and as a result municipalities are important property owners with 40% of public property belonging to municipalities, representing 16% of Russia's capital funds (Daniellian, 2002).
In defining what he believed Marxism represented, Wells came out against Fabianism: "The Municipalization of the individual, advocated by such Fabians as Mrs Besant and (in a lesser degree) Mr Bernard Shaw, was denounced as Communism" and while "Scientific Socialism aimed at equality of opportunity .
Municipalization of Public Works: One of the hottest debates in municipal finance reform at the turn of the 20th century was how to clean up the city franchises.
151) Not only will municipalization spawn rate decrease, but it will also encourage "competition with the big utilities" and promote increased reliability.
72) Protests during the 1950s focused on the municipalization of Nigerian communities, inequitable education policies, and religious discriminations.
If valid, Clark's interpretation calls into question the legitimacy of a system that generates good livelihoods for scores of experts, practitioners, consultants, elected politicians and administrators willing to work within the framework of the agenda to confine Indigenous peoples and their Aboriginal polities within the constraints of municipalization, delegated authority and corporate law.
Critics fear the bill will lead to the municipalization of First Nations and could undermine the all-important nation-to-nation relationship with the Crown that is the underpinning of Aboriginal and treaty rights.