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The murmuring forest, a million whispering leaves, turning in the air and sunlight, Gnarled roots writhing like curled snakes.
He was breathing as if asleep still murmuring the same thing.
But the biblical understanding of meditation involves murmuring, intoning, speaking, or growling over the Scriptures.
QUESTIONS OF JUSTICE: A scene from David Hare's Murmuring Judges
And his murmuring love songs and glitzy stage shows have made him perhaps the most popular singer on the Chinese mainland.
By contrast, "Dreaming," from her Opus 15 Sketches, is a work reminiscent of Liszt's "Liebestraume" with its lush harmonies and murmuring accompanimental figurations.
What he needed, it turned out, was nearly half an hour, during which time his subject reclined on the floor in the dark under the lens of an enormous eight-by-ten studio camera while Schneider, murmuring soothingly, illuminated his or her features one at a time with a tiny penlight.
On the value of a few well-placed words: ``Remember the murmuring voices, gentlemen.