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a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet


OR-parallel logic programming.


(1) (MultiUser Simulation Environment, MultiUser Shared Environment) See MUD.

(2) (MUltiple Sub-Nyquist sampling Encoding) The compression system used in Japan's first HD TV system. See Hi-Vision.

(3) A computer developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1950s. See BABY.
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Muser joined SSM and has held several positions in the technical department.
When the manuscript for one of her poems was on view at the Institute of Arts and Letters in New York, Muser told Bishop she felt she were "writing to Keats.
So, the automotive industry is "very eager" to come up with new lubricants, says Martin Muser of the University of Western Ontario in London.
not only shows the artwork of many of the best children's book illustrators, but represents more than 30 illustration artists, including Barry Muser, Jane Dyer, Maurice Sendak, E.
Although family therapy has been documented to be efficacious in different patient populations, relatively little attention has been paid to the investigation of the therapeutic processes during family interventions (Baucom, Shoham, Muser, et al.
Louis, the 44-year-old Pena was introduced Wednesday as the replacement for Tony Muser, who was fired April 29.
I would also like to thank Nancy MacKechnie, Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Special Collections of Vassar College Libraries, for providing access to the papers and for her help when I was researching this article, and Frani Blough Muser for permission to quote from her letter to Bishop.
On 26 January 1940 Bishop wrote to her friend Frani Blough Muser, "I am utterly disgusted with 'social-conscious' conversation - by people who always seem to be completely unconscious of their surroundings, other people's personalities, etc.
Une autre societe immobiliere, ZRA MUSER, avait ete sommee par la commission de derogation, le 21/10/2004, de ceder a la commune dix appartements.
Fuson has put some of his most experienced minor-league managers at the lower levels, including Riddoch and former Kansas City Royals manager Tony Muser, who is managing the Padres' rookie-level affiliate in the Arizona League.
Tony Muser, bench; (5) Rob Picciolo, third base; (48) Darrel
Comment: Somewhere between honest and cheater's palindromes on the scale of palindromic respectability reside what I would call "iterative" palindromes, palindromes such as the one that comprises the greater part of "Resume Muser.