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a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet


OR-parallel logic programming.


(1) (MultiUser Simulation Environment, MultiUser Shared Environment) See MUD.

(2) (MUltiple Sub-Nyquist sampling Encoding) The compression system used in Japan's first HD TV system. See Hi-Vision.

(3) A computer developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1950s. See BABY.
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Bishop to Frani Blough Muser, 7 July 1973, Vassar College.
In the March 11 Science, Muser and his colleagues describe computer simulations in which they investigated the effects of pressure on clusters of zinc phosphate molecules.
With Tony Muser and I, we're guys that just want to hang out and work with kids.
That, at any rate, is my apologia for "Resume Muser," which in its iterative segments demonstrates the working of a novel (to my knowledge) class of iterative palindromes that consist of a series of duplex terms made from recombined reversal pairs.
Some in Kansas City believe Tony Muser is only a few losses away from being No.
an Associa Company, proudly announces Morgan Creek Owners Association, managed by Jeannine Muser, has won the Community Associations Institute (CAI) prestigious award of Association of the Year.
KANSAS CITY - Tony Muser (April 29), John Mizerock (interim, May 15), Tony Pena.
The kids will receive tips in all facets of the game, including hitting, fielding, pitching and running the bases from San Diego Padres first-base coach Davey Lopes, bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds, hitting instructor Dave Magadan, pitching coach Darren Balsley, third-base coach Rob Picciolo and bench coach Tony Muser.
Therefore, hydro power plant operators cannot rely on growth options in order to retain their competitiveness but depend on the constant improvement of their efficiency, which can primarily be achieved by cost optimisation, Mr Muser continues to say.
Massingham and their assigned manager, Jeannine Muser, bring extensive property management experience to our rapidly growing Morgan Creek community and we look forward to drawing upon their experience to help us achieve the big plans we have for the future of Morgan Creek.
May 7: First manager to be fired: Tony Muser, Kansas City.
He does a good job of preparing for games and learning from his mistakes,'' Royals manager Tony Muser said.