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music search

To find information about songs and music. There are many music database and identification services on the Internet that enable users to find missing track titles for their CDs and digital files, as well as identify songs by sound, singing or humming. There are also services that recommend songs to users based on their taste (see music recommendation service). Following are the various ways music databases are searched.

Search by Disc Table of Contents
Although added later (see CD Text), the only descriptive data (meta-data) in the original CD music disc were a table of contents (TOC) containing track numbers and lengths. In order to display artist and song titles on the computer or add them to MP3 files when ripping CDs, several databases were developed that identify a disc by table of contents. See music CD identification.

Search by Digital File Fingerprint
MP3, AAC and other compressed audio files contain fields (tags) for the names of the album, artist, tracks, genre, etc. Tags with missing or incorrect data can be updated with the correct data. An acoustic fingerprint of the file is computed and sent to a fingerprint database for matching. See music file identification and acoustic fingerprint.

Search by Audio Fingerprint
Songs can be identified by a sample of the actual sound being played on the radio. An acoustic fingerprint of the sample is computed and sent to a fingerprint database for matching. A fingerprint algorithm for audio is more sophisticated than one used for file recognition (above). The reason is that the audio sample can be a few seconds from any part of the song, whereas a digital file is entirely available for analysis. See Shazam, midomi, Mobile MusicID, MusicDNS and acoustic fingerprint.

Search by Human Example (Sing, Hum, Tap, etc.)
People can find the name of a song or musical piece by singing or humming the tune or tapping out the melody and rhythm. See midomi and Musipedia.
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To sing or to hum the theme and to transfer the recording to the music search engine.
Since then, Baidu's overall share continued to grow and last year, Baidu launched a legal music search in a landmark deal with record labels.
Many record companies are keen to assist advertising agencies and music search specialists to get their artists' tracks used in advertising campaigns because it gives them instant exposure and boosts record sales.
Under these relationships, TTPod and Kugou will utilize NQ Mobile's core audio and music search technologies and have entered into a traffic sharing relationship.
Once a user has found the song they are looking for, the link will go to one of Google's music search partners, MySpace or Lala.
In fact, he used the same underlying technology to create a series of music discovery games for Facebook and a new kind of music search engine that will be available for beta testing next week.
com MP3 Music Search Engine allows users to Search & Play Music for Free, Chat with Friends, Share Music, Create Multiple Online MP3 Music Play Lists, Save Favorite MP3 Music, and more without users being required to download or install 3rd party software on their computers or provide personal information.
We will also adopt this leading audio recognition technology for not only music search, but also to other areas related to radio, video and TV content applications.
Google Wednesday touted its new music search service, saying that it will make it easier for users to find and click on songs, as well as create a possible new revenue stream by putting the new convenience feature high in its search results.
Washington, June 14 (ANI): Electrical engineers at UC San Diego have designed novel music discovery games on Facebook in order to improve their experimental music search engine that is capable of listening to new songs and accurately labelling them with words-with no help from humans.
Universal Music Mobile, The Netherlands subsidiary of the global music industry giant Universal Music Group International, selected Targetize, a leading Mobile Search and Discovery Company, to provide a music search and discovery solution for Universal Music Mobile's new AnySong service in The Netherlands.