musicians' gallery

musicians’ gallery

At the west end of a church in Europe during the 18th century, a gallery on which villagers played church music.
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Her grey and silver dress disappeared under the musicians' gallery; two electrics broke out, and she stood backed against the lines of gilded pipes.
The musicians' gallery, Hakonshallen, Bergen, photographed after Munthe's decoration of the hall and before its destruction in 1944
Above this was the musicians' gallery and the thatched roof which ran round to shelter the spectators' galleries.
One house has a 150-year-old marble Turkish bath with running hot and cold water; another a cute musicians' gallery;
St Paul's Hockley commissioned a George III Coat of Arms for their musicians' gallery and in 1998 All Saints Church, Sutton Coldfield, a life-sized carved lime wood rood screen of Christ on the cross and two figures.
A grand piano and pianist is available or couples can choose to position a string quartet in the musicians' gallery.