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see pikepike,
common name for the family Esocidae, freshwater game and food fishes of Europe, Asia, and North America. The pike, the muskellunge, and the pickerel form a small but well-known group of long, thin fishes with spineless dorsal fins, large anal fins, and long, narrow jaws
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The topics include a muskellunge population assessment in two north-central Minnesota lakes aided by angler participation, feeding habitats and diet, how changing fishery practices and climate might affect the Lake St.
Wolf Lake also stocked 1,365 Northern strain muskellunge fall fingerlings that weighed 155 pounds and were stocked at three sites.
Movements, homing, and home range of muskellunge, Esox masquinongy, in West Okoboji Lake, Iowa.
Known for its muskellunge fishing, it also supported an unusually rich population of freshwater mussels.
The WDNR was so concerned about the state of its fishery that it warned that by 1985 the demand for walleye and muskellunge would exceed supply and that bag limits and size limits would need to be imposed.
Beginning in 1957, he began keeping tabs on muskellunge populations across Ontario and North America.
The lake houses more than 10 kinds of fish, including garfish, eel, cod, muskellunge, halibut, striped bass and shrimps.
highly contaminated species such as walleye, muskellunge, northern pike,
Later that year, the virus was isolated from a large muskellunge die-off in Lake Ontario.
Walleye (Sander vitreus) have been or are being placed in 17 lakes, rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in eight lakes, northern pike (Esox lucius) in three, muskellunge (E.