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see pikepike,
common name for the family Esocidae, freshwater game and food fishes of Europe, Asia, and North America. The pike, the muskellunge, and the pickerel form a small but well-known group of long, thin fishes with spineless dorsal fins, large anal fins, and long, narrow jaws
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Wins The top tier suffered casualties this week, the defeats by Silver's John Currie and Gold's Musky Handley seeing them each slip down a place.
TESTED BY NEIL GOODWIN: WINNER: David Beckham Homme, PS20 for 100ml Smell: 4 Value: 5 Staying power: 3 Total: 12 I'd definitely wear this - fruity, musky, urban.
The report said that global warming may be affecting the tropical rainforests, a natural habitat of the musky rat-kangaroo and other species.
Musky is eight and came from Melodor champion breeders in Glasgow.
sandpiper and moping turtles, drab matinees with briny claw and musky
Some, such as the flightless kiwi, give off a musky odor similar to that of mushrooms.
This resulted in a list of 18 commonly found scents in colognes and perfumes: floral, sweet, fresh, fruity, herbal, honey, light, lavender, rich, grassy, spicy, heavy, oriental, woody, lemon, orange, musky, and leather.
"The scents are clean and fresh and are specifically designed for guys who want to avoid scents that are too strong or too musky."
The strong adventurous Oudh Al Shamoukh Gold Oudh al Ma'atar combines radiant top notes of floral fresh with an unusual blend of lemon, clove that merges with warm iris and sandalwood in the middle and woody musky in the dry down notes.
We live in "legendary" times, judging by the frequency with which the word is attached to people, places and musky fishing:
Strong amber and musky perfume, it is one of those fragrances people always notice and comment upon.
The fruity, spicy and musky essence of Faihaa, Ajmal claims, is a perfect combination of saffron and lily of the valley skillfully blended with rose and amber.