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general name for plain woven fine white cottons for domestic use. It is believed that muslins were first made at Mosul (now a city of Iraq). They were widely made in India, from where they were first imported to England in the late 17th cent. Early muslins were often woven or embroidered with gold. Swiss muslin is a modern crisp, semitransparent fabric, either dyed or white, and sometimes figured. Certain sheetings are known as muslins. Bookbinders' muslin, made in Scotland, is fine and crisp.
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a plain weave cotton or silk fabric. Cotton muslin is made from calico that has been bleached and has undergone minimal fabric finishing. It is used mainly for linens. Silk muslin is a fine transparent fabric made of single-thread, twisted natural silk; it is used for dresses and theatrical costumes.

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A thin to coarse-textured plain-weave cotton.
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a fine plain-weave cotton fabric
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I gave but five shillings a yard for it, and a true Indian muslin."
"But then you know, madam, muslin always turns to some account or other; Miss Morland will get enough out of it for a handkerchief, or a cap, or a cloak.
"There 's a discouraging heap of rubbish for you!" said Fan, as she added a faded muslin to the last pile.
Beaufort met them in a girlish cloud of mauve muslin and floating veils.
Once more Miss Fairlie's figure, bright and soft in its snowy muslin dress--her face prettily framed by the white folds of the handkerchief which she had tied under her chin--passed by us in the moonlight.
My eyes fixed upon the white gleam of her muslin gown and head-dress in the moonlight, and a sensation, for which I can find no name--a sensation that quickened my pulse, and raised a fluttering at my heart--began to steal over me.
All my attention was concentrated on the white gleam of Miss Fairlie's muslin dress.
She was dressed, like Rachel, in sober gray, with the muslin folded neatly across her round, plump little chest.
Perkins had made full curtains and lambrequins of unbleached muslin, which she had trimmed and looped back with bands of Turkey red cotton.
"I'm so glad I know," she said, "and so glad I could see her just as she was when she tied that white muslin hat under her chin and saw her yellow curls and her sky-blue eyes in the glass.
| A BRAND new, cheap, but safety marked, mattress (you can use muslins, clean T-shirts/ tea towels as sheets).
The festival of Shab-e-Barat is celebrated with enthusiasm by Muslins all over the world.