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concerted disobedient or seditious action by persons in military or naval service, or by sailors on commercial vessels. Mutiny may range from a combined refusal to obey orders to active revolt or going over to the enemy on the part of two or more persons. In the armed forces it is considered one of the gravest crimes against military law. Mutiny may be committed on a private vessel whether it is at sea or in port. As a result of two major naval mutinies in Great Britain in 1797—one at Spithead and one at Nore and Sheerness—many of the abuses in the navy, such as bad food, brutal discipline, and withholding pay, were remedied. Mutinies tend to occur with some frequency in the armed forces of nations on the point of suffering defeat; thus, in 1918 the German navy mutinied at Kiel and the Austrian navy at Cattaro (now Kotor). A mutiny may be the signal for a revolution, as were the Russian mutinies in 1905 and 1917 at KronshtadtKronshtadt
or Cronstadt
, city, NW European Russia, on the small island of Kotlin in the Gulf of Finland, c.15 mi (20 km) from Saint Petersburg. It is one of the chief naval bases for the Russian Baltic fleet. The harbor is icebound for several months each year.
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open rebellion against constituted authority, esp by seamen or soldiers against their officers
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At least three people were killed and 15 others injured after pro-Saleh tribesmen arrived at a barracks occupied by mutinous troops.
Joe, on Captain Cameron's offers, throws overboard public sector wage slaves and the helpless, but with a mutinous fist and a tear in his eye.
The former general was forced to resign as defense secretary in 2003 after some 300 mutinous military officers and soldiers took over a hotel in Manila's financial district to protest against what they alleged was massive corruption in the military.
World Cup-winning Italy striker Luca Toni was so mutinous he drove home after being subbed at half-time - and was bombed out by Van Gaal, who has also won ego battles with Franck Ribery and Philipp Lahm.
The pirates, a mutinous band of drama students from Bradford College, challenged the young pupils during a week of fun learning events.
Mutinous troops led by an army colonel captured Niger's President Mamadou Tandja after a gun battle on Thursday, and said they were suspending the constitution and dissolving all political institutions.
Gandhi also mentioned some unsung heroes of 1857, such as Feroze Shah, one of the last descendants of the Mughals, who condemned the killing of women and children by the mutinous Indian sepoys.
Mr Blair left his job halfway through taking an enormous pension and a tailor-made job leaving Mr Brownwith the Blair-ite mutinous queuewho, might I add in years gone by, might have been classed as traitors and I would doubt very much if Mr Blair would have been voted in power again, that is why he left.
Unlike the mutinous Christian Fletcher, it did not wreak havoc, but instead, through a smoothness and skillfully balanced blend of sugar cane molasses and vanilla, made me feel handsome and less guilty about the whole Sam thing.
The mutinous border guards ambushed their superiors, shooting and burying dozens of them in shallow graves.
Dhaka: Mutinous Bangladeshi border guards who seized control of their headquarters completed their surrender on Thursday after tanks were sent into the capital as a show of force, the government said.
The Bangladesh government called out the army after mutinous border guards opened fire at their headquarters in the capital Dhakaand seized a nearby shopping centre, injuring several people in an insurrection apparently sparked by pay disputes.