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Anne-Sophie. born 1963, German violinist


To quietly enter a command not meant for the ears, eyes, or fingers of ordinary mortals. Often used in "mutter an incantation".

See also wizard.
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Josef Spacek does not possess a tone as magically colourful as that of Mutter and Fischer.
Mutter is described as a gregarious personality and outspoken advocate for plain language, compassion, and anesthesia who earned his reputation through work, not pedigree, and was mocked first for his appearance and later for advancing medical concepts beyond the traditional scope.
A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's medical college, Mutter was a brilliant and inventive teacher who introduced Socratic methods into his lectures, unusual for his time.
Gib uns, Mutter, dein Erdreich, diesen warmen Engel,
CBSO / Anne-Sophie Mutter Plays Dvorak Symphony Hall For some it was the prospect of hearing Andris Nelsons' version of the Rite of Spring (which so wowed Thursday's audience) although I suspect the presence of soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter was chiefly responsible for Saturday's full house.
Earlier, even the dynamic Nelsons was overshadowed by the commanding presence of Mutter as she stamped her own Verdict: interpretation on Dvorak's bittersweet concerto.
With Sofia Gubaidulina, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Gidon Kremer.
Marilyn Mutter is one of the first to sign up with her daughter Melanie "We are calling on people to get behind Newcastle Hospice and sign up for this adventure.
John Mutter of Johnstown, Ohio, is a paraplegic who has used a wheelchair to get around ever since a severe car crash over a year ago cost him the use of his legs.
Alan Mutter makes some excellent points about the challenge of shaping new products, e.
It's quite common in this area of Germany to have this kind of dump, then put a sort of landmark on it," says artist Heike Mutter, who together with partner Ulrich Genth conceived of the installation, "Tiger and Turtle--Magic Mountain.
Concern has been expressed about the accuracy of the following statement provided by Mutter, Ande, and Hugo (2010): "Pastoral counselors generally have less training in counseling psychology than professional therapists" (p.