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Anne-Sophie. born 1963, German violinist


To quietly enter a command not meant for the ears, eyes, or fingers of ordinary mortals. Often used in "mutter an incantation".

See also wizard.
References in classic literature ?
Stutely was in their midst, fighting with the energy of two; and the little palmer was there also, but took no part save to keep close to Robin's side and mutter silent words as though in prayer.
Tonight, or tomorrow," repeated Solan, and as the door closed behind his guest the old man continued to mutter as he turned back to the table, where he again dumped the contents of the money-pouch, running his fingers through the heap of shining metal; piling the coins into little towers; counting, recounting, and fondling the wealth the while he muttered on and on in a crooning undertone.
During luncheon, the pilgrim enthusiasts of our party, who had been so light-hearted and so happy ever since they touched holy ground that they did little but mutter incoherent rhapsodies, could scarcely eat, so anxious were they to "take shipping" and sail in very person upon the waters that had borne the vessels of the Apostles.
The big man made no further remark, but I heard him mutter "fortunate" into his beard.
Monty, standing in the opening, began to mutter to himself.
Strange," the Ancient Mariner would mutter, "strange, and most strange.
Strange, strange," the Ancient Mariner would next mutter, half to his cogitating soul, half aloud to the treasure-seekers.
No stone, no bush, no plant is ever suffered to escape the examination of their vigilant eyes, and thunder may mutter, and rain fall, without disturbing the abstraction of their reveries.
I tried to find the answers to my questions by listening to five different albums, mainly containing recordings of Dvorak's violin concerto, made by the following artists: Josef Suk (1960), Anne-Sophie Mutter (2013), Julia Fischer (2013), Pamela Frank (1998) and Frank Peter Zimmermann (2014).
AFP Mutter said many media organisations are under pressure to deliver quarterly earnings, which prevent a long-term strategy.
CBSO / Anne-Sophie Mutter Plays Dvorak Symphony Hall For some it was the prospect of hearing Andris Nelsons' version of the Rite of Spring (which so wowed Thursday's audience) although I suspect the presence of soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter was chiefly responsible for Saturday's full house.
Earlier, even the dynamic Nelsons was overshadowed by the commanding presence of Mutter as she stamped her own Verdict: interpretation on Dvorak's bittersweet concerto.