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Anne-Sophie. born 1963, German violinist


To quietly enter a command not meant for the ears, eyes, or fingers of ordinary mortals. Often used in "mutter an incantation".

See also wizard.
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"The mutterers, if they exist - and no doubt journalists are not inventing this, though they can't name the people - if the mutterers continue to mutter then all they will do is stop places like Neath from being liberated from this destructive uncaring Government which is destroying people's lives."
Cuburn [12] in his research titled "the review of scales aiming to capture the attention toward establishing new opportunities for learning on the part of the teachers to make them efficient describes that such opportunities bring about changes through challenging and supporting the teachers in changing the fundamental assumptions of them regarding the quality of students' learning, the nature of subject mutterers, expectation from the students and what makes the instruction efficient.
(96) One Professor Turnel'taub, in a lecture on the subject of antisemitism delivered before party members in Minsk in January 1928, claimed to have heard the repeated comment that "all the oppositionists are petty shopkeepers who hang on the words of Lev Davidovich [Trotskii]." When asked to elaborate, the mutterers of such sentiments invariably responded, the lecturer noted, in the following fashion: "Why is there antisemitism?