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flesh of mature sheep prepared as food (as opposed to the flesh of young sheep, which is known as lamb). Mutton is deep red with firm, white fat. In Middle Eastern countries it is a staple meat, but in the West, with the exception of Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, mutton and lamb comprise only a small proportion of the total meat consumption. In the United States the flesh of lambs six weeks to three months old is preferred. The cuts are leg, loin (chops and roasts), rack (rib chops and French chops), chuck, breast, and flank. The kidneys, heart, and sweetbreadssweetbread.
The thymus gland (known as throat sweetbread) and the pancreas (stomach sweetbread), especially of the calf and lamb (although beef sweetbreads are sometimes eaten), are considered delicacies and are rich in mineral elements and vitamins.
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 are especially delicate.
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Like everywhere with K20, we will just play and have some fun," Mutton said.
Last week the farms - and mutton - took centre stage on Channel 4's "Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast".
The General Secretary of All Kashmir Wholesale Mutton Dealers Association, Meraj-ud-Din Ganai said that the local goons at Madhopur beat and harassed the truck drivers who opposed their demand for extortion.
Ms Lynch also dismissed Ms Lobrekte's claims that Cllr Mutton had made reference to her nationality and considered himself "higher" than her because she was "a young foreigner".
Add the washed and drained cubes of mutton with bone in the oil and fry them from all the sides to seal the juices and cook them in oil.
Those who have responded to the survey so far are mostly sheep farmers retailing their own mutton in small volumes and, while there are clear areas in which improvements could be made, levels of enthusiasm and interest are high, says project manager Bob Kennard.
Top-quality British mutton is now available in butchers, farm shops and online throughout the country.
Mehreen Jabeen of PWD Housing Society said they were getting one-kilogram mutton at Rs 600 to Rs 680.
The guys at Black Dog Charters in Jupiter use it just about every day that they fish, and are coming up now on their best mutton snapper fishing of the year--September through November.
Key words: Biodiesel, Catalyst, Transesterification, Animal fat, Mutton and Beef.
But Matt Tebbutt, owner of The Foxhunter, in Nantyderry, Monmouthshire, believes mutton need no longer suffer from an inferiority complex at the hands of its younger counterpart.
1688) became famous for his mutton pies, which were named Kit-Cats after him.