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any of several Australian acacias, esp Acacia pendula, having hard scented wood used for fences



species of trees of the family Leguminosae that yield a hard, fragrant wood that is violet or reddish brown in color. Australian acadias, including the yarran (Acacia homalophylla), are most often called myall.

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Yesterday the Examiner reported on the case of Gledholt pensioners Austin and Kate Myall.
On 17 March, the first day of the 1836 expedition, Mitchell wrote, 'I was proceeding on a ser ice not very likely to be peaceful, for the natives here assured me, that the Myalls were coming up ('murry coola', i.
Stanner chose the Daly River as a field site after being advised by linguist Gerhardt Laves that the area was home to 'half a dozen unstudied tribes, and scores of myalls ...
Rachel Henning, for instance, in letters written between 186a and 1865 (shortly after the colony's separation from New South Wales in 1859), depicts an environment in which loyal 'station blacks'--whom she treats with a mixture of condescending affection and mirth--are juxtaposed against the ubiquitous threat of the treacherous 'wild blacks' or 'myalls' beyond the station boundaries.
Reynolds (1999, 107-08) quotes from an account of one such attack, published pseudonymously in 1907 in a major metropolitan newspaper, the Townsville Herald: It was estimated that over 150 myalls [Aboriginal people] bit the dust that morning, and unfortunately many women and children shared the same fate.
Early accounts (Sim and Urwin 1984) suggest that the plains were covered by grasses (panics, plains grass, kangaroo grass) and scattered trees including myalls and river red gums along creeks and rivers.