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Mycelial and basidiocarp performances of Pleurotus sajorcaju on the mushroom spent of Volvariella volvacea.
Mycelial uptake, translocation and assimilation of nitrogen from [sup.
The collection jar was then shaken vigorously and poured through two layers of sterile gauze to remove any large mycelial networks.
Serology for H capsulatum, obtained for the evaluation of fever of unknown origin, revealed mycelial and yeast complement fixation titers of 1:512 with a positive M and H band on immunodiffusion.
Table 5: Mycelial Coloration of Selected Micromonospora and Streptomyces Species.
The resulting small-molecule digestion products and other simple molecules are taken up by the spawn mycelium, where they are transported through the mycelial network and assembled into the large-molecule proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids required for the sustained growth of the spawn and, ultimately, the development of the mushroom.
The fungi anchor on the plant roots and range out into the soil in their typical hyphal strands and mycelial mats.
The assay kit consisted of a rabbit polyclonal antibody (lot ZA4-4; Greer Laboratories, Lenoir, NC) produced using whole mycelial extracts of A.
2] broth in which 5 loopfull cultures of mycelial conidia were added and shaken at 180 rpm at 30[degrees]C in an incubator shaker for 3-4 days.
elegans gives an excellent mycelial growth on routine culture media within 24 to 48 h but is notorious for not being able to produce asexual spores (12).