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A motile precursor cell of blood granulocytes found in bone marrow.
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one of the types of cells in the hematopoietic tissue of the red bone marrow in vertebrate animals and in man. They are formed from hemocytoblasts and pass through the promyelocyte stage. Granular leukocytes, or granulocytes, develop from myelocytes. The nuclei of myelocytes are round or bean-shaped and less compact than in mature leukocytes; the cytoplasm is weakly basophilic. Myelocytes do not normally enter the bloodstream, but in certain pathological conditions, such as leukemia, they may appear in the blood.

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Granulocyte colony stimulating factor increases the number of neutrophils and decreases the frequency of infections by correcting the pause in maturation of myelocytes. The patients are not lost because of infection.
Results: Our data show increased infiltration of lymphocytes (mean lymphocytes = 287.6cells/mm2) as well as myelocytes (mean lymphocytes = 117.1cells/mm2) in pre-neoplastic tissues.
1: Bone marrow aspiration showing myeloid series, myelocytes and metamyelocytes with features of dysmyelopoiesis.
His hemoglobin level was 11.6 g/dl, platelet count 1.86 x 109 /L and total leukocyte count (TLC) 58x [10.sup.9]/L, which included 8% blasts, 51% myelocytes and metamyelocytes, 24% neutrophils, 16% lymphocytes, and 1% basophils.
For abnormal WBCs, the 3 most common findings were atypical lymphocytes (18 occurrences), blasts (9 occurrences), and myelocytes (6 occurrences).
The incidence of sheathing of veins in myeloid leukemia can be explained by the greater tendency of leukemic infiltration of myelocytes than lymphocytes (Burgeson and Wegner 1929).
% RBC morphology 22 51.2 23 53.5 17 58.6 Platelet morphology 11 25.6 12 27.9 9 31.0 Metamyelocyte, myelocyte, 9 20.9 7 16.3 2 6.9 promyelocyte Atypical lymphocyte 2 4.7 1 2.3 1 3.4 WBC morphology 1 2.3 2 4.7 0 0.0 NRBC 0 0.0 1 2.3 0 0.0 Blast 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 Total 43 100.0 43 100.0 29 100.0 Abbreviations: NRBC, nucleated red blood cell; RBC, red blood cell; WBC, white blood cell.
Counts: Neutrophils: 61, Lymphocyte: 07, Monocyte: 06, Eosinophil: 05, Basophils: 04, Band forms: 03 Metamyelocyte: 04, Myelocyte: 04, Blast: 06, Platelets count: 4 Lakhs/Cu mm.
All stages of eosinophilic maturation can be identified, which exhibit immature eosinophilic cytoplasmic granules, mainly evident at the promyelocyte and myelocyte stages (Figure C).
* Immature granulocytes (includes promyelocytes, myelocytes, metamyelocytes)