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Multiple myeloma is a persistent, relapsing and remitting, life-threatening blood cancer that is characterised by tumour proliferation and immune system dysfunction.
The CE-IVD certification will enable European physicians to access this important advancement and now offer it to their multiple myeloma patients.
It's thanks to events like this helping to fund research, that there has been a significant PS1,500 boost for charity increase in the number of drugs available to treat myeloma and improve the quality of life for myeloma patients.
Myeloma Health "could be a big deal," said Michael Douglas, the director of BioVentures.
Multiple myeloma represents fewer than 2% of all head and neck cancers.
Thalidomide prescribed in gradually increasing doses brought about improvements in 27 of 84 multiple myeloma patients in whom standard treatments had failed, scientists report in the Nov.
The FDA decision follows the recent approval of KYPROLIS([R]), a second-generation proteasome inhibitor for myeloma patients who have relapsed after previous therapies.
I am so overwhelmed by the support shown by the myeloma community," said Myeloma Crowd founder Jenny Ahlstrom.
Bart Barlogie, director of the UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research & Therapy, was awarded $1Z9 million from the National Cancer Institute to fund an ongoing comprehensive research program, titled "Growth Control of Multiple Myeloma.
Solitary extramedullary myeloma (plasmacytoma) of the upper part of the respiratory tract and oropharynx.
Myeloma, a close cousin to leukemia, is almost exclusively a disease of the elderly, rarely striking people younger than 60.
Multiple myeloma -- cancer of bone and marrow plasma cells -- accounts for 1 percent of all human cancers.