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A group of muscles innervated by a single spinal nerve.
The muscle plate that differentiates into myomeres.
An instrument used to divide a muscle.
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the rudimentary musculature in embryos of chor-date animals and man. The myotome is a paired metameric structure situated on the sides of the chorda and neural tube. It develops from the dorsal part of the internal wall of the somite.

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Shh shows positive effects on muscle development by directing progenitor cells to Myf5-/MyoD-positive committed myocytes in the myotome by downregulating Pax3/Pax7 expression [25].
The specific studies include F wave latency, which reveal slowing of proximal motor conduction, and H reflex studies, which are particularly useful to examine afferent and efferent pathways of the S1 root7, whereas EMG aims to identify the affected myotome. NCS/EMG studies are especially valuable in patients with negative findings at myelography or CT, or in patients with uncharacteristic clinical findings.
He had intact dermatome, myotome, and deep tendon reflex distribution from C5-T1, and a negative VBAT within the available ROM.
Of all the different lasers available, only one resulted in consistent positive patient responses including decreased pain, reduced edema, faster joint mobility restoration, and immediate increase in myotome strength: the Erchonia laser.
Morphogenetic cell movements in the middle region of the dermomyotome dorsomedial lip associated with patterning and growth of the primary epaxial myotome. Development 128:1745-1755.
Early myotome specification regulates PDGFA expression and axial skeleton development.
The test described by Tsui et al (8-9,17-8), namely applying an electrical stimulus to the tip of the epidural catheter, provides immediate information about the position of the catheter: however, as spinal nerve root stimulation causes muscle twitching and muscle movement in the corresponding myotome, the precise level of muscle stimulation is sometimes difficult to detect.
The term myotome refers to the group of muscles innervated by a specific root.
Myoblasts then migrate beneath the dermomyotome to form myotome. Eventually, these myoblasts fuse with each other to form embryonic muscle fibers.
The somites are divided into three parts: Ventromedial sclerotome; Intermediate myotome; and Lateral dermatome.
Characterization of the early development of specifichy paxial muscles from the ventrolateral myotome. Development, 126(19):4305-15, 1999.