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A group of muscles innervated by a single spinal nerve.
The muscle plate that differentiates into myomeres.
An instrument used to divide a muscle.



the rudimentary musculature in embryos of chor-date animals and man. The myotome is a paired metameric structure situated on the sides of the chorda and neural tube. It develops from the dorsal part of the internal wall of the somite.

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A neurovascular screen assessed deep tendon reflexes, myotomes, and dermatomes of the upper quadrant.
Laser treatment has provided an entry to the barrier for the restoration of joint mobility, and assisted in the resetting of the myotomes for strength enhancement.
Morphogenetic cell movements in the middle region of the dermomyotome dorsomedial lip associated with patterning and growth of the primary epaxial myotome.
Early myotome specification regulates PDGFA expression and axial skeleton development.
The test described by Tsui et al (8-9,17-8), namely applying an electrical stimulus to the tip of the epidural catheter, provides immediate information about the position of the catheter: however, as spinal nerve root stimulation causes muscle twitching and muscle movement in the corresponding myotome, the precise level of muscle stimulation is sometimes difficult to detect.
The term myotome refers to the group of muscles innervated by a specific root.
DISCUSSION: The vertebral column develops from paired somites, each composed of a dermatome, myotome and sclerotome.
Compared with the general organization of the biomechanical system of other fishes, Hippocampus undergoes substantial modifications in relation to the proportions of the myotome parts (Rauther, 1925; Hale, 1996).
We verified this observation and also recorded characteristic Hb spectra from both notochord and myotome tissue of another species, B.
On weeks 1, 5, 8, and 12, five larvae were lethally sampled (killed by an overdose of MS-222) from each tank for determination of SL, body height (BH, myotome height posterior to anus), and dry weight (DW).
If choosing a myotome choose a muscle that is hypertonic, and/or in which the points are tender to palpation.