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A group of muscles innervated by a single spinal nerve.
The muscle plate that differentiates into myomeres.
An instrument used to divide a muscle.



the rudimentary musculature in embryos of chor-date animals and man. The myotome is a paired metameric structure situated on the sides of the chorda and neural tube. It develops from the dorsal part of the internal wall of the somite.

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She had a normal response to light and sharp touch from C5-T1 dermatomes bilaterally, with intact deep tendon reflexes and myotomes along the same levels.
This theory has arisen from the observation that the bone and soft tissues affected by melorheostosis belong to functional units called sclerotomes, analogous to dermatomes or myotomes.
The ASIA Standard Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury and ASIA Impairment Scale (ASIA-IS) incorporates the assessment of key myotomes and sensory points within dermatomes to determine neurological, motor and sensory levels of impairment, and assign an associated classification grade (A-D), in patients following spinal cord damage (Maynard et al 1997).
Cobb and Langenbeck periosteal elevators that have been modified into both chisel tip and spoon tip myotomes can be helpful for enucleation.
Wilbourn and Aminoff reported that EMG findings in LSS most commonly resemble a chronic, but ongoing radiculopathy, evidenced by chronic motor unit action potential (MUAP) changes and fibrillation potentials restricted to distal myotomes (44).
Laser treatment has provided an entry to the barrier for the restoration of joint mobility, and assisted in the resetting of the myotomes for strength enhancement.
Tountas & Bergman, 1993 say that these muscles include the scapuloclavicularis, a small muscle passing from the root of the coracoid process and transverse scapular ligament to the back of the clavicle, and pectoralis intermedius, a fleshy slip that arises from the third and fourth ribs between pectoralis major and minor and is inserted onto the coracoid process, derived from to the fifth cervical to first thoracic myotomes.
It presents maps of dermatomes, myotomes, sclerotomes and acupuncture channels in the head, trunk and limbs.
The final chapter is a 110-page reference summarizing muscle anatomy, muscles as part of motions, muscle innervation, and myotomes.
Segmental recording of cortical motor evoked potentials from thoracic paravertebral myotomes in complete spinal cord injury.
It may contribute to exclude real cases with milder disease, [in which patients] were able to quickly reinnervate affected myotomes," they noted.
Preservation of voluntary motor unit potentials was observed in all tested myotomes in 10 patients, and voluntary motor unit potentials were absent in some myotomes in 4 patients.