myrica gale

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sweet gale

sweet gale

Evergreen bush with long oval almost grayish leaves. Whole plant is edible- berries, roots, leaves. Nitrogen fixer for soil (helps fertilize). has powerful compounds that protects liver and prevents free-radical damage. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, diuretic. Used for gonorrhea, anti-aging, strengthening, detoxing, healing.
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This study has shown that the abundance of a monophagous herbivore, the chrysomelid beetle Galerucella calmariensis, is reduced both by the presence of the nonhost Myrica gale and by predation from lady beetles.
To summarize, this study has shown that the presence of the non-host Myrica gale markedly reduces the rate at which L.
Variation of leaf gland volatile oil within a population of sweet gale (Myrica gale) (Myricaceae).
All three sites are characterized by Picea, Myrica gale, and Cyperaceae.
populifolia (Little Lake), Alnus crispa (Little Lake), Myrica gale, and Cyperaceae.
11), although the PARs for most taxa are [is less than]300 [].[yr.sup.-1] Macrofossil assemblages are characterized by Juniperus communis, Betula glandulosa, Myrica gale, Salix, Vaccinium, Empetrum, Arctostaphylos, Cyperaceae, and Dryas integrifolia.