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name for the cherry plumplum,
common name for a tree of any of many species of the genus Prunus of the family Rosaceae (rose family) and for its fruit, a drupe. The plum is generally cultivated in the temperate zones, though among the numerous varieties and hybrids are types suitable for many
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 and also for several Asian almondalmond,
name for a small tree (Prunus amygdalus) of the family Rosaceae (rose family) and for the nutlike, edible seed of its drupe fruit. The "nuts" of sweet-almond varieties are eaten raw or roasted and are pressed to obtain almond oil.
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When my husband got up from the sofa, also to go upstairs, he told, "after the news there is a very good tele-drama, King Athikaman giving to the renowned Tamil poetess Auvai, the Nelli-kani (fruit of the emblic myrobalan tree).
Rootstocks with plum parentage, including 'Controller 5,' 'Krymsk' clones 1, 2, 9 and 86, 'Marianna 2624,' and 'Myrobalan,' varied in susceptibility to the complex in nonfumigated soil (NF/F stem diameter increase proportions of 0.46 to 0.74).
Br West African locust bean, Dadawa tree 2177601 Phyllanthus amarus Black catnip, Schumach & Thonn Phyllanthus, amarus plant 8693 Phyllanthus muellerianus Myrobalan Kuntze 2177703 Premna lucens A.
chebula, commonly known as black myrobalan, ink tree, or chebulic myrobalan (English), haritaki (Sanskrit and Bengali), harad (Hindi), harada (Marathi and Gujrati) Karkchettu (Telugu) and Kadukkaya (Tamil), is a flowering evergreen tree of the family Corn-bretaceae.
Antibacterial activity of black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula Retz) against Helicobacter pylori.
It seems that in early translations of Mahayana sutras, the term "King of Medicine" (Bhaisajya-raja) was an ambiguous term that could indicate either the intangible Dharma teachings (the ultimate medicine) and/or an actual healing substance, which Birnbaum identifies as the dried fruit of the myrobalan (Skt.
Therefore, give me jaggery and myrobalan fruit." The Buddha recovered fully.
TRIPHALA (Bellirica myrobalan) Good for: This is a digestive aid, believed to relieve constipation.
* Terminalia bellerica; belleric myrobalan, bahera, vern.
Trim fast-growing hedges - Lonicera nitida, Privet, Thorn, Myrobalan and flowering plum - with the sides parallel or tapering to the top and repeat in three to four weeks for a close knit hedge.
sastrani sarapatrani samidho 'tha vibhltakah / lohitani ca vasamsi sruvam karsnayasam tatha // 6.60.22 Weapons served as the sarapatra grass, myrobalan wood (88) was the kindling.