mysid shrimp

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mysid shrimp:

see shrimpshrimp,
small marine decapod crustacean with 10 jointed legs on the thorax, well-developed swimmerets on the abdominal segments, and a body that is compressed laterally.
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Other prey that were of lesser dietary importance, yet relatively common in stomachs of winter flounder (%F>1%), included ostracods, nematodes, and mysid shrimp.
Mysid shrimp, which are 1 inch long or smaller, hang in the water anywhere from the surface to the seafloor - in concentrations 2 to 20 feet thick.
Louisiana sweet crude was more toxic to mysid shrimp than the eight dispersants, when tested alone.
The diet of Bairdiella chrysoura showed the least amount of variation across habitat, with mysid shrimp comprising nearly half the diet in both habitats.
Mysid shrimp devour microscopic animals, which many young fish in the Great Lakes also eat.
For example, the EDSTAC proposal to consider mysid shrimp may be a valid option for a chronic invertebrate species in endocrine effects testing.
The data points in the center of this graph indicate those prey that were more frequently found in the stomachs of Atlantic croaker than in the stomachs of the other 2 species: mysid shrimp, various unidentified crustacean parts, and gammaridean amphipods.
That's because the coast's insistence on overcast skies this year deprived the nearshore ecosystem of sunlight, the necessary ingredient in kelp beds, upon which mysid shrimp are known to feed.
She went diving to investigate and found large swarms of mysid shrimp.
Despite the diversity of prey, nearly half of the diet comprised mysid shrimp (Neomysis spp.