mysid shrimp

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mysid shrimp:

see shrimpshrimp,
small marine decapod crustacean with 10 jointed legs on the thorax, well-developed swimmerets on the abdominal segments, and a body that is compressed laterally.
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Oil on its own was about as toxic to mysid shrimp as the dispersant-oil mixtures, except for the mixture of oil with Nokomis 3-AA, which was more toxic than oil alone.
CATEGORY NAME DESCRIPTION Amphipods Amphipods, primarily gammarids Crabs Crabs Decapod shrimp Decapod shrimp Mysid shrimp Mysid shrimp Decapod Megalopae Various decapod megalopae Crustacean parts Parts of crustaceans too small to identify Isopods Valviferean isopods Amphoretidae, Phyllododaciae, Polychaetes polychaete tubes, and unidentified polychaetes Nematodes All nematode worms Nemertines All nemertine worms Bivalves Bivalve mollusks and shell fragments Gastropods Gastropods Fish Fish and fish remains including scales and eggs Detritus Detrital material Sediment Sediment, primarily sand UID Unidentifiable material Table 3.
Mysid shrimp are fatty, so they can collect high doses of pollutants in their bodies.
For example, the EDSTAC proposal to consider mysid shrimp may be a valid option for a chronic invertebrate species in endocrine effects testing.
Mysid shrimp are what whales munch on as they make their way to feeding grounds in Alaska.
The diet of summer flounder ranging from 225 to 374 mm TL was also dominated by mysid shrimp.
She went diving to investigate and found large swarms of mysid shrimp.
Other invertebrates that were important items on several dates included mysid shrimp, polychaetes, and oligochaetes.