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Malta utilizes the dramatic resources of the medieval mystery play is through Marlowe's consideration of the space and location of the stage.
FEW theatrical events can lay claim to the history and scope of Chester's enthralling Mystery Plays.
In his study, Peter Rogers intends to show that there is a mystere, a liturgical drama (or mystery play) in Madame Bovary through Flaubert's use of religious tales, topoi, objects, discourses and imagery.
The venue will be transformed into an outdoor theatre for the UK's only traditional outdoor mystery play.
Buffman, now prexy and CEO of RiverPark Center in Owensboro, Ky., has organized the first ambitious installment of what he hopes will be an annual showcase of new mystery plays and screenplays.
In the texts she examines from the earlier period (several of The Canterbury Tales and a few mystery plays), authors understand that the abstract structure of contract law does not always rake into account the unpredictability of the married couple as human agents, and the authors thus create situations that either exploit the weaknesses of this paradigm or show solutions that solve some of the inherent problems.
That is not the way it was planned - a lot of things are not planned in a medieval mystery play. But what a climax!
The scene shows a mystery play parallel in its characterization as well as its action.
Set in 14th-century Coventry, it tells the story of a reclusive woman whose life begins to change when she agrees to play the Devil in the Medieval Coventry Mystery Plays.
Jeu de Saint Nicolas, Le Mystery play by Bodel, Jehan, performed in 1201.
The exciting contemporary revival of the traditional mystery play cycle, it will include contributions from the likes of award-winning authors David Almond and Ian McMillan.
He was being put through his paces at Hardwick Hall Lake for the role in a new contemporary revival of a traditional mystery play.