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A benign tumor composed of mucinous connective tissue.



a benign tumor made up of connective tissue and containing a large amount of mucus. Myxomas arise from residues of embryonic (mucous) connective tissue or from mucous transformation of fibromas or lipomas. They may be found in all organs, particularly in the extremities, subcutaneous tissue, and mesentery. Myxomas are treated by surgery; they may recur if not completely excised.

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This is different for ameloblastoma, odontogenic myxoma or central giant cell lesion--most likely they show cortical rupture and are sensitive to palpation.
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This was a case of usual myxoma whereas the majority of cases show no specific symptoms.
In birds, myxoma can arise from any structure that contains connective tissue, including the cranium, hindlimbs, kidneys, commissure of the beak, and the celomatic cavity (REECE, 1992).
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