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A benign tumor composed of mucinous connective tissue.
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a benign tumor made up of connective tissue and containing a large amount of mucus. Myxomas arise from residues of embryonic (mucous) connective tissue or from mucous transformation of fibromas or lipomas. They may be found in all organs, particularly in the extremities, subcutaneous tissue, and mesentery. Myxomas are treated by surgery; they may recur if not completely excised.

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The proportion of myxomatous changes in the mitral valve is highest (1, 21, 88) tricuspid and mitral valve in second place and sole tricuspid involvement is least frequent (1, 11, 15).
The authors of the article titled " Supraventricular trigeminy in a dog with myxomatous mitral valve disease" declare that for all due purposes, the project that gave rise to the present data lias not been submitted to the Ethics Committee of the University / Research Institute "Centra Universitario Ritter dos Reis" for evaluation but they are aware of the content of the Brazilian resolutions of the Conselho Nacional de Controle de Experimentacao Animal (CONCEA) <
Long-term results of mitral valve reconstruction for regurgitation of the myxomatous mitral valve.
Myxomatous mitral valve prolapse (MVP) with severe regurgitation (MR) is the most common cause for mitral valve surgery.
That's good news for owners of dogs prone to myxomatous mitral valve disease, the most common type of heart disease in dogs.
The cut surface of the tumors showed pale-gray and red tissues confirmed myxomatous changes.
The subintima and elastic tunica of the aorta were markedly expanded with fibrous connective tissue, a large amount of myxomatous material, cholesterol crystals surrounded by foamy macrophages, and chondroid tissue with mild amounts of mineral deposits.
The repeat TEE showed myxomatous changes of the mitral valve with prolapse of the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve, predominantly involving the P2 with severe mitral regurgitation.
[6] The diagnosis of myxoma is occasionally made after histological assessment of embolic material reveals myxomatous tissue, with subsequent investigation leading to identification of the primary cardiac tumour.
2) showed the cyst wall to be composed of hyperplastic synovial tissue with a mild chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate and mild myxomatous degenerative change.
By contrast, fibrous dysplasia is characterised by fibrous stroma with loose myxomatous areas, a good blood supply, feathery irregular-shaped trabeculae of immature "woven" bone ("Chinese character" shapes), and a poorly-defined periphery.