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1. (formerly) a European who made a fortune in the Orient, esp in India
2. another name for a nawab



(a corruption of nawwab), a pejorative term used in Great Britain and France from the second half of the 18th century for people who became wealthy in the colonies, especially in India. Later, in these countries and elsewhere, “nabob” came to mean any parvenu with an idle, profligate, or extravagant way of life.

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Delhi's Nabobs copied the erstwhile Mughal aristocracy by laying out hinterland estates either as permanent residences or for repose.
Fox's East India Bill (December 1, 1783), may also be found in an exemplary passage from the Speech on the Nabob of Arcot's .
Raven is most engaging and informative when he devotes his sustained attention to the thorough development of a well-focused topic: the impact of returning Anglo-Indian nabobs, the debate over Mandeville's pronouncements on luxury, Mrs Gomersall's novels about commerce in Leeds, country estate purchases and improvements, etc.
One of the easiest winter-flowering shrubs to start with is the delightful Abutilon Nabob which has been around our conservatories for decades.
Egy magyar nabob (1853-54; "A Hungarian Nabob") and Az aranyember (1873; "A Man of Gold") deal with contemporary Hungary.
Prior to Campbell Soup Company, she led marketing efforts at The Nabob Coffee Company and the integration of its brands into Kraft's portfolio following the acquisition by Kraft Canada.
Several NABOB members obtained FM translators for their AM stations through that process.
Canada did have two aircraft carriers during WWII--HMCS Nabob, commissioned in March 1943 and HMCS Puncher, commissioned in February 1944.
But go to this production to "sip at the honey pot of Sheridan's mind," seen in his glorious eccentrics; Mrs Candour (Celia Imrie who is splendid) Sir Benjamin Backbite (Stephen Mangan) and Sir Oliver Surface, a nabob, home from milking the Indian econo my and with a fistful of dollars.
Staying on top of the market is the goal of every enterprising company and is certainly a concept evident at the Nabob Coffee company of Canada.
Also set to speak are NABOB President James Winston, former FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, National Urban League President/CEO Mark Morial, and Rep.