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1. (formerly) a European who made a fortune in the Orient, esp in India
2. another name for a nawab
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(a corruption of nawwab), a pejorative term used in Great Britain and France from the second half of the 18th century for people who became wealthy in the colonies, especially in India. Later, in these countries and elsewhere, “nabob” came to mean any parvenu with an idle, profligate, or extravagant way of life.

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With the abolition of the sultanate system after the British conquest of India in the 1870's, many of the nabobs and maharajas sold their centuries old paintings.
Spiro Agnew famously derided reporters and commentators as "nattering nabobs of negativism." David Broder, Helen Thomas, Tom Wicker, and countless other journalists have cited the quotation as a classic example of the Nixon administration's assault on the press.
A competition was launched and a jury of nabobs and pundits from the London art scene was assembled.
Two of the worldAEs best known sports icons and in SaniaAEs case, most loved, yesterday finally exchanged the vows in Hyderabad, the city of nabobs and kebabs and Charminar and pearls of course.
From the right, James Kirchick says that "neocon" has become an anti-Jewish epithet, and Marshall Breger accuses gay rights activists of trying to take away the First Amendment rights of their opponents, as if advocating civil rights laws without religious exemptions compares with the persecution suffered by gays ("Neoconservatism and the Nattering Nabobs" and "Gay Activists vs.
ON THE evening of the Pardubicka there is a party at the castle in town for all those involved in the race, visiting nobs and nabobs, plus riff raff such as hacks.
It gets tiresome trying to explain to the nattering nabobs of negativism why we have to have a single payer system.
THE ITV nabobs are moving Coronation Street, left, from its time-immemorial (ie, since 1960) Wednesday slot to Thursday, to make way for - guess what - yet more football.
Three MPs came to Liverpool to see the university nabobs with regard to the cuts proposed and other matters.
In the months since we all fell into our respective 401(k)-holes last September, economists have gone from nobodies to nabobs. Economists are the new please-get-me-back-in-the-black.
There's a direct line from that student election to Spiro Agnew's attacks on the "nattering nabobs of negativism" as "an effete corps of impudent snobs," and from there to the peculiar cult of personality that not long ago surrounded George W.
Delhi's Nabobs copied the erstwhile Mughal aristocracy by laying out hinterland estates either as permanent residences or for repose.