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in Greek mythology: see nymphnymph
, in Greek mythology, female divinity associated with various natural objects. It is uncertain whether they were immortal or merely long-lived. There was an infinite variety of nymphs. Some represented various localities, e.g.
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in ancient Greek mythology, nymphs and female deities living in rivers and lakes. The rusalki of Slavic mythology are similar to the naiads.

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divine maidens of lakes, streams, and fountains. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 256]
See: Nymph
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Naiads possess specialized labium for capturing their prey from distance (Elzinga, 1981).
This provides high nutritional diet to insect larvae and naiads, which are affected by fluctuations in physico-chemical parameters of that water and avoid pollutants and good indicators of water quality (Paine and Gaufin, 1956).
Many--especially top minnows, brought here to control mosquitoes in the 1930s--dine on damselfly naiads. Having evolved in the absence of predators, native naiads are clueless about self-defense, says Polhemus: "They cruise around in the daytime and just get chowdered."
Daniel's spectacle is centered around water imagery, with naiads and tritons who sing to musical instruments a celebration of spring as the new prince is created.
The first Naiads were built in New Zealand some 20 years ago by Steven Schmidt, a former commercial shellfish diver, to handle the rough conditions found along his country's wild, rocky coast.
Mean head capsule width and growth ratio of both laboratory raised* naiads and naiads collected from Harmon Creek.
Like most Romantics, he truly believed in the supernatural creatures--the sylphs, naiads, ondines, and forbidding wilis who inhabited forests and woodlands.
The Oceanids, for example, were ocean nymphs; the Nereids inhabited both saltwater and freshwater; the Naiads presided over springs, rivers, fountains, and lakes.