nail punch

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nail set

nail set
A short steel rod, usually tapered; used to drive a nail or brad below, or flush with, a wood surface.
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Use a nail punch or a hammer and offcut of wood, so you don't damage the boards.
You simply put the nail punch on top of the nail and hammer onto it, so you don't damage the board.
If you hammer the nail with a nail punch so it sinks further into the wood it should release the top piece of wood and you can then remove the nail from the bottom piece by pulling it with a nail claw or pliers.
Cut these with a hacksaw and tap out using a nail punch.
Then I got out the nail punch and hit as many nails as I could find, including the ones on my fingers and thumbs.
The nail punch is also handy to give you a start for drilling, to stop the bit slipping off the mark.
Neaten corners with mouldings, recess the nails with a nail punch and fill holes with a wood filler.
If the sub-floor is wooden floorboards, begin by knocking any protruding nails down with a hammer and nail punch.
Use a nail punch to drive the pin heads below the surface.
Stop the drill bit skidding over your new paintwork by tapping a nail punch into the plasterwork to make a small indent.
Use oval nails or panel pins to attach the cladding to the batons - if you hammer in at an angle and use a nail punch to drive the nails in until just the corner of the head is sticking up, then the nails will be hidden when you slot in the groove of the next board.