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A wood strip or block which serves as a backing into which nails can be driven.


A block of wood installed within construction to provide a means of attaching other pieces of wood or materials.

nailing strip

A wood strip, attached to a surface; used as a base for nailing or fastening another material.
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Weight was an important factor in Porter-Cable's development of its new line of pneumatic nailers, too.
With a nailer in one hand and a gauge in the other, you can position parts perfectly--without measuring or marking.
A little compressor can even power a big framing nailer if you give the compressor a few seconds to catch up after three to five shots.
The most important traits that I wanted Nailer to have were for him to be a tireless worker, to never give up, and to always be hungry for something better than what he had," Bacigalupi said.
Champions Night Hurdle: 15-8 Billis Renegade, 15-8 Baltylum Houdini, 3 Soviet Nailer, 8 Romeo In Miami, 12 Jamaican Man, 16 Whiterock Champ.
Despite these difficulties, Nailer has a close friendship with his crew boss, Pima, and the other members of the "light crew" who work on the derelict ships.
We had a customer from Washington state with a contract to shore up a dock--they needed a nailer divers could use to drive the spikes under water.
Front row, left to right: Davey Jones, Barney, "Dunker" Scott, Derick Dolan, Don Nailer, P Hewitson, Alan Bostock.
At first glance, the Nail Kicker looks like a compressor-driven finishing nailer.
18 GAUGE NAILER features an improved nose piece to drive brads precisely for all finish projects without scratching or damaging surfaces.
In the book the fierce canine - named Nailer - has been stolen and hidden in a disused oil tank at the back of a Belfast house.
If you like the convenience of a pneumatic nailer, but hate dragging a compressor and hoses through your clients' living rooms, your options for going hoseless are growing.