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A wood strip or block which serves as a backing into which nails can be driven.


A block of wood installed within construction to provide a means of attaching other pieces of wood or materials.

nailing strip

A wood strip, attached to a surface; used as a base for nailing or fastening another material.
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Jack, who had been a general contractor building homes in Anchorage, replaced his manual hammer with a pneumatic nailer one day and liked the results.
The Senco Fusion FN65DA cordless angled finish nailer, item# 5N0001N, drives 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" DA series 15 gauge Senco finish nails.
* Pneumatic nailers come in different types according to application such as roofing, drywall, concrete, finish and framing.
Expect to see advances in fuel cells that will allow the nailers to be lighter, more powerful, and more economical to operate, says Christopher Freeman, Hitachi's associate product manager for fastening systems.
Not only that, but pneumatic tools, such as nailers and staplers have come into the market.
If manufacturers had simply incorporated the sequential trip firing system into all nailers, the phenomenon unintended discharge would probably not exist today.
Portable pneumatic nailers, improved seasoning techniques, and new finishes eventually canceled these differences, but not before the trend toward using softwoods for construction was firmly in place.
Cut two nailers. Generally, the nailers are 3/4 inch thick, 2 or 3 inches wide, and at least 4 inches longer than the cut hole in the wall.
There was an element of controversy about the goal as Nailers winger Piteu Crouz seemed to handle the ball as he broke away.
Contract notice for Acquisition of the production line for discs drums and the acquisition of automatic nailers for nailing discs drums.
Below the church you can see the roofs of the nailers' cottages, some of which have survived.
Joe Magunda is doubtful for the game against the Nailers with a dead leg while Richard Batchelor is expected to overcome a slight thigh strain.