nailing block

wood brick, fixing brick, nailing block

1. A piece of wood the size and shape of a brick; inserted in brickwork to serve as a means of attaching finishings, etc.
2.See nog.
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Measure and cut a nailing block that will support these four pieces.
You can create a thicker, thinner, simpler or more elaborate mantel by selecting different moldings, arranging them to your liking, then cutting a nailing block to fit.
Cut enough nailing blocks so they can be spaced at least every 16 in.
In other areas, you have to add nailing blocks or use glue (which often makes a mess or can't form a strong bond on the narrow edge of the crown molding).
8 FOR WALLS that lack ceiling joists to nail the cove Into, screw nailing blocks to the studs or top plate.