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nail set

nail set
A short steel rod, usually tapered; used to drive a nail or brad below, or flush with, a wood surface.
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You'll also need a table saw or radial-armsaw, saber saw, drill with a 3/8-inch bit and a pilot bit (for the 2-inch woodscrews), fine-toothed saw, screwdriver, hammer, nailset, fine wood rasp, hacksaw, sandpaper, and paint brushes.
You'll also need a hammer, screwdriver, nailset, drill with a 1-inch bit, and these materials:
To make the table, you'll need a radialarm or table saw, wood rasp or open-backed shaper, hammer, nailset, screwdriver, drill with a 3/32-inch bit, staple gun, scissors, and sandpaper.
Turn the table over and use a hammer and nailset to countersink finishing nails through the top.
You'll need a circular saw with a plywood blade, table saw, hand or saber saw, an electric drill with a 3/8-inch bit and dowel-centering guide, a screwdriver, hammer, nailset, wood glue, wood filler, and bar clamps.
You'll need a band, saber, or coping saw, a drill with a 3/4-inch bit and a pilot bit for 2-inch #6 screws, a rasp, a router with a 3/4-inch rounding-over bit (optional), a vise, hammer, nailset, screwdriver, and sandpaper.