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1. (of the seeds of gymnosperms) not enclosed in a pericarp
2. (of flowers) lacking a perianth
3. (of stems) lacking leaves and other appendages
4. (of animals) lacking hair, feathers, scales, etc.
5. Law
a. unsupported by authority or financial or other consideration
b. lacking some essential condition to render valid; incomplete
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What does it mean when you dream about being naked?

Being naked in a dream suggests exposure of self to others, being vulnerable to how others see one, feeling ashamed of being found out. If one is naked like a baby, nakedness can also represent the desire for freedom or freedom of expression. Nakedness also suggests being unencumbered and uninhibited.

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Having received a negative acknowledgment. See NAK.
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Known primarily for its breakthrough pop hit "Naked Eye" (from the band's 1996 album, Fever In Fever Out) and a groovy Gap TV ad, this New York City-based threesome--Jill Cunniff, Gabrielle Glaser, and Schellenbach--occupy a space somewhere between introspective, particularly feminine pop and punky, dance-happy hip-hop.
The clash is mainly between conservatives who insist on seeing the moon with the naked eye, in line with a literal interpretation of Islamic principles.
Also, people in Qatar have a good chance to enjoy a "beautiful astronomical view" involving four planets - Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn - with their naked eye and also through astronomical instruments.
How many thousands of stars can be seen with the naked eye? The answer depends first on sky conditions--including light pollution, of course--both near the zenith and at lower altitudes in the sky, where more light is absorbed and scattered.
Denning in his celebrated Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings (1891), page 168, thus: 'In March 1887 Mr Backhouse, of Sunderland, saw an apparently new, yellowishwhite star near 103 Piscium, and it was just visible to the naked eye. This proved to be Vesta, though the identity of the object was not known at first, and it formed the subject of two Dun Echt circulars.'
They are more attractive to the naked eye," the Mirror quoted her as saying.
3's opening salvo of Me'Shell Ndegeocello's moody, retro-funky "Soul Record," Luscious Jackson's bouncy dance-rock hit "Naked Eye," and Liz Phair's swaggering alternative-rock evergreen "Never Said" similarly lets you know Lilith isn't only about angelic gals with acoustic guitars.
Adel Al Saadoon said that the crescent announcing the start of the month of fasting would be visible with naked eye in North African countries, but telescopes would be needed in Kuwait.
People in Qatar can observe Jupiter and the moon together with their naked eye "over the western horizon of the Doha sky after midnight until Jupiter's setting time".
A third cluster to study with the naked eye, although
To the naked eye it is pronouncedly orange, reflecting its K spectral class.
Block's team used NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope to examine the inner part of the Andromeda galaxy, which lies just 2.5 million light-years from Earth and is visible to the naked eye. The new inner ring, composed of fine dust particles, shows up at some infrared wavelengths, but in visible light, the bright stars at the galaxy's core hide it.