autumn crocus

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autumn crocus:

see meadow saffronmeadow saffron
or autumn crocus,
perennial garden ornamental (Colchicum autumnale) of the family Liliaceae (lily family). Native to Europe and N Africa, it has escaped from gardens to meadows and fields in some parts of the United States.
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For something a bit different check out Sternbergia lutea, which has golden goblet-shaped flowers and thrives in limy soil and sun and colchicum or naked ladies.
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The calendar features snaps of naked ladies covering themselves in different culinary delicacies.
Klimt wasn't just some boho bougie with a fondness for bathrobes and freeballing, he was also a total lech, and sketched like nine thousand pages of naked ladies (who he also did it with) before he painted his art deco gold flake crap.
Some people regarded my virginity as a challenge: one show in Korea laid on two naked ladies in my hotel room.
Not people drinking beer and reviewing it in the nude, but a review of beer with naked ladies on it after you start drinking.
It still doesn't exactly suggest naked ladies dancing on the lawn, but it's definitely an improvement.
And standing on two long runways close to either end, beautifully lit, were about 16 naked ladies - dancing.
Villanueva's second novel, Naked Ladies, displays her ability to tell a gripping, page-turning story with an array of complex characters; and her latest book of poetry, Planet, includes the long out-of-print Mother, May I?
Naked ladies in mainstream publications on shop shelves are now deemed inappropriate.