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Singularities are thought to exist at the center of black holes, and naked singularity is the name given to singularities that exist outside black holes.
But a new theory proposed earlier this month by two Cambridge researchers is the first time a naked singularity has been predicted in four dimensions.
Toby Crisford and Jorge Santos show, in a paper published recently in the journal Physical Review Letters, "that a naked singularity can form a special kind of curved space known as anti-de Sitter space, in which the universe has a distinctive 'saddle' shape.
A Naked Singularity, however, is crime fiction mixed with speculative ethicism and Eliot-level poetic realness, and when it gets weird it's weird, not "experimental.
1], given the possibility that the naked singularity (resulting from a violation of the censorship hypothesis) can send, among other things, a false signal to the receiver.
Choptuik concluded from his mathematical analysis that there could be special circumstances in which a naked singularity might be created from a collapsing black hole, either by nature or perhaps even by some advanced civilization.
There's one naked singularity that we all agree existed: the Big Bang.
And what was supposed to be the concessionary message from the bet that Hawking had printed on the T-shirts was hardly an admission of defeat: ``Nature Abhors a Naked Singularity.
These quantum fields would very quickly turn the naked singularity into a black hole.
au/cosmos/C/Cosmic+Censorship+Conjecture) Roger Penrose's cosmic censorship conjecture , which basically states that no imploding object can ever give rise to a naked singularity, is true.