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1. (of the seeds of gymnosperms) not enclosed in a pericarp
2. (of flowers) lacking a perianth
3. (of stems) lacking leaves and other appendages
4. (of animals) lacking hair, feathers, scales, etc.
5. Law
a. unsupported by authority or financial or other consideration
b. lacking some essential condition to render valid; incomplete

What does it mean when you dream about being naked?

Being naked in a dream suggests exposure of self to others, being vulnerable to how others see one, feeling ashamed of being found out. If one is naked like a baby, nakedness can also represent the desire for freedom or freedom of expression. Nakedness also suggests being unencumbered and uninhibited.


Having received a negative acknowledgment. See NAK.
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It's no brighter per unit area than it would be in a naked-eye view.
Semiconductor designer and developer Himax Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:HIMX) unveiled on Monday its new 3D timing controller (3D TCON) for naked-eye 3D panels.
Richard also discusses in some detail Denning's naked-eye observations of Uranus undertaken when the planet was in Leo, in 1880 March.
Soon after Brahe's death, Galileo introduced the telescope to astronomy, leaving behind naked-eye observations.
No one constellation has 1,000 naked-eye stars in it, but if you take the stars brighter than 6.
At that time, the comet resided near the orbit of Jupiter and its brightness suggested that it would rank as a naked-eye spectacle when it made its closest approach to Earth late last month.
The vinegar-swab and naked-eye inspection by a nurse "provides great coverage in not as many steps" as the other techniques, she concludes.