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1. (of the seeds of gymnosperms) not enclosed in a pericarp
2. (of flowers) lacking a perianth
3. (of stems) lacking leaves and other appendages
4. (of animals) lacking hair, feathers, scales, etc.
5. Law
a. unsupported by authority or financial or other consideration
b. lacking some essential condition to render valid; incomplete
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What does it mean when you dream about being naked?

Being naked in a dream suggests exposure of self to others, being vulnerable to how others see one, feeling ashamed of being found out. If one is naked like a baby, nakedness can also represent the desire for freedom or freedom of expression. Nakedness also suggests being unencumbered and uninhibited.

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Having received a negative acknowledgment. See NAK.
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The presenter, 46, reckons embracing nakedness is part and parcel of having a Danish hubby.
They are portrayed completely nude, partially clothed or where "nakedness is implied", in photographs, paintings, drawings, prints and film.
You think nakedness is usually a sign of submission, it's a sign of inequality" Feminist and academic Germaine Greer.
Nigerian women that I grew up to know are very decent people who respect their bodies and dress to cover their nakedness. But I am afraid that some of these women are now shamelessly exposing their body while dancing to a song they could not even pick out its meaning or have a reflection on.
What these interpretations have overlooked, however, is the fraught relationship between nakedness, mourning, and sleep established in Chaucer's earliest major poem.
What's more, it's never again the standard that a nakedness dress couldn't be showing up in formal event.
Calvia town hall, which overseas local police, released figures showing 52 people were fined in June and July for public nakedness, while 22 got penalties for having outdoor sex.
She probably makes a few last-minute adjustments to the strands of silver sequins covering her nakedness and the red hearts stuck to her nipples.
Syed Shah Jahan told the Bara Kahu Police that the suspect Ammar and his eight accomplices kidnapped him striped his dress off, made his film in nakedness and later released him.
Nakedness is great." - Wildlife presenter Kate Humble.
Let me rephrase that: I practically jump into the pool and loudly splash in my haste to submerge my nakedness as soon as possible.