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Name Daemon.

<networking> A Unix background process that converts hostnames to Internet addresses for the TCP/IP protocol.

Unix manual page: named(8).

See also DNS.
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References in classic literature ?
Things are said to be named 'derivatively', which derive their name from some other name, but differ from it in termination.
"But I know--" she paused for the strength of words she needed, and words forsook her, so that her quick sweeping gesture of hand-touch to heart named authority that overrode all speech.
But you named the one that died, too--one that I never saw.
"O yes--I was thinking of another child that I named--I have named a great many, and I get them confused--this one was named Henry Thompson--"
I named him for Thomas--er--Thomas Carlyle, the great author, you know--and Henry--er--er--Henry the Eight.
You think that I am an old, old witch-doctor named Zweete.
"How are you named?--and what is your people?" asked my mother.
Of all the tribes named in these pages, there exist only a few half-civilized beings of the Oneidas, on the reservations of their people in New York.
"Have you named ALL the characters?" asked Diana wistfully.
According to a folk tale in the Place Name Archive, attention was drawn to the gate by an inquisitive woman who used to accost passersby with questions about the World War I: 'Mis Tamaskusest ja Tatradellidest ka kuulda on?' 'What's the news from Damascus and the Dardanelles?' So, the gate was named the Damascus Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem.
Women named James, John or Michael, for example, might be more likely to find themselves dressed in a judge's black robes.
From the mid-13th to the mid-18th Centuries, John, Thomas, Robert, Richard, and William named between them over 70% of the male population.