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Narcosis due to environmental pollutants in aquatic organisms: residue-based toxicity, mechanisms, and membrane burdens.
Por lo anterior, los objetivos del presente estudio fueron evaluar y comparar la efectividad del metodo de aturdimiento electrico de tres puntos con el de narcosis con dioxido de carbono (C[O.
All the other hospitals in Norway intend to use full narcosis and set age limits at one to two years.
Recent neurochemical basis of inert gas narcosis and pressure effects.
CO2 was also used by Henry Hill Hickman in 1824 for anaesthesia but this narcosis was due to partial suffocation which was never popular.
For divers who avoid the siren song of this nitrogen narcosis, the dissolved gases patiently wait to wreak havoc on the careless person who ascends without paying the proper tribute of decompression time.
En tal caso, le tengo una mala noticia: usted no es cool sino una "persona-ente", que forma parte de una "gran masa" entregada al "ocio, narcosis y sexualidad", mientras "soslaya la amenaza del desamparo extremo" al que nos han sometido los "dirigentes analistas".
The effects of nitrogen narcosis at 300 feet down are so strong that you forget where you are, what you're doing, and why you're in this dark place, fumbling around.
Included: a sinking-helicopter escape; a shark-tank diving suit; self-induced nitrogen narcosis.
After diving to 88 meters, he said he "felt the effects of nitrogen narcosis at depth and at the same time realised that it was a long way up.
It commonly causes side effects in cats, such as wobbliness, staring, inappetance, inactivity, all forms of narcosis [deep stupor or unconsciousness] and/or evidence of opioid psychological effects.
What is the popular name for nitrogen narcosis, a condition suffered by deep-sea divers?