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A constricted section of a mountain pass, valley, or cave, or a gap or narrow passage between mountains.

What does it mean when you dream about being in a narrow space?

Dreaming about being in a narrow space can simply reflect the feeling that one has restricted options in some situation in one’s waking life. Can also represent a “narrow escape,” “narrow-mindedness,” or “the straight and narrow.”

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Researchers at Australia's national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) said in a blog post they had narrowed down the search area for the plane using a technique called "drift testing research.
Another security source said: "A shortlist of around 20 names of British-born IS fighters has been narrowed down to the most likely candidate.
It's been very much narrowed down because we've now had a series of detections, some for quite a long period of time," Mr Abbott said.
BEIRUT: State Prosecutor Hatem Madi said Friday that the investigation into last month's assassination of one of the country's top intelligence chiefs has been narrowed down to a range of possibilities.
It was quite a week in Hollywood, and even though it was hard to choose, we narrowed down the top 5 WTF moments.
United States-based Tesla Motors has narrowed down the planned launch date of its Model S sedan to June 22, 2012.
Speaking to reporters, Narayanasamy said the differences had been narrowed down to five or six issues after consultations with various political parties.
Twelve riders have been named in the men's road race 'long list' which will be narrowed down to eight over the next week for the championships, which take place from September 19-25 in the Danish capital.
Location of the plants has been narrowed down to seven states, including Alabama, California, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.
The final three will be narrowed down to a preferred bidder over the next 12 to 18 months, after which work will begin.
Once you have narrowed down your choice, make appointments to visit the various schools.