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A constricted section of a mountain pass, valley, or cave, or a gap or narrow passage between mountains.
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What does it mean when you dream about being in a narrow space?

Dreaming about being in a narrow space can simply reflect the feeling that one has restricted options in some situation in one’s waking life. Can also represent a “narrow escape,” “narrow-mindedness,” or “the straight and narrow.”

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However, the deputy governor was said to have narrowly escaped unhurt.
The 22-year-old appeared at Sefton Magistrates Court yesterday, where he narrowly escaped a football banning order.
A MAN narrowly escaped being seriously injured by horses at a racecourse yesterday, missing them by just a few inches.
However, nearby Sunderland narrowly missed the bottom of the table and ranked third least liked city in the YouGov poll.
A man narrowly escaped being trampled to death by two runaway bulls in India.
Summary: Noida [Uttar Pradesh], Jul 5 (ANI): A school bus filled with children narrowly escaped plunging into a canal here on Thursday morning.
A DRIVER had a lucky escape after their car ended up in a field after narrowly missing a lamp-post next to the A19 on Teesside.
WASHINGTON, April 24 (KUNA) -- A US Senate committee has narrowly voted to approve Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State.
It has been claimed Lukasz Stengierski, 28, drove too fast and narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle.
In the semis, Kakamega narrowly hit rivals Maseno School 8-7 while Yala beat Vihiga 6-0.
Unison officials narrowly voted against a proposed deal of a 2% rise for most council and support staff in Wales, England and Northern Ireland from April and a further 2% in April 2019.