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A constricted section of a mountain pass, valley, or cave, or a gap or narrow passage between mountains.
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What does it mean when you dream about being in a narrow space?

Dreaming about being in a narrow space can simply reflect the feeling that one has restricted options in some situation in one’s waking life. Can also represent a “narrow escape,” “narrow-mindedness,” or “the straight and narrow.”

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With voters in Scotland deciding if the country should become independent in a referendum in just three weeks' time, he said: "Let's choose openness over narrowness. Our great advantages over the great unknown.
There are plans to widen Pudding Chare, but English Heritage considers that the street should retain its narrowness as part of the medieval network of streets in the area.
Given the narrowness of the results, it is hardly surprising that Mr Quijano has challenged them.
Sir Hugh Bell criticised the narrowness of Newport Road and also Linthorpe Road.
The accident prompted residents in the area to press for the improvement of the road, claiming that it was fraught with hazards due to its narrowness and the lack of lights.
Speaking on the occasion, Mukherjee said education is an instrument to set mankind free from the bondage of narrowness. It widens our horizon and shapes our fundamental thinking.
Among their topics are applications to nonlocally convex spaces, noncompact narrow operators, strict singularity versus narrowness, weak embeddings of L1, and narrow operators on vector lattices.
Delays at the intersection are mainly a function of traffic volume, but the narrowness of the lanes, and motorists' uncertainty, make matters worse.
But Helen Mirren has blasted the country's "narrowness of vision" - claiming that Americans are less cynical.
"Because of the narrowness of the road at the Barras Lane junction, in order to carry out these works as quickly and as safely as possible, it will be necessary to close this section of Holyhead Road to traffic."
NA-005 was on route from Nossari to Muzaffarabad when it plunged into river Neelum due to the narrowness of road.
Kane holds that ethical principles about right action and the good life emerge from the philosophical quest for wisdom that involves a striving to overcome narrowness of vision that comes from the limitations of finite points of view.