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/nas'tee-gram/ 1. A network packet or e-mail message (the latter is also called a letterbomb) that takes advantage of misfeatures or security holes on the target system to do untoward things.

2. Disapproving e-mail, especially from a net.god, pursuant to a violation of netiquette or a complaint about failure to correct some mail- or news-transmission problem. Compare shitogram, mailbomb.

3. A status report from an unhappy, and probably picky, customer. "What did Corporate say in today's nastygram?"

4. [deprecated] An error reply by mail from a daemon; in particular, a bounce message.
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But some companies go overboard with trademark, copyright, defamation and related intellectual property and free speech issues, flinging out nastygrams indiscriminately.
The site also invites Internet users to submit any nastygrams they have received.