national grasslands

national grasslands:

see National Forest SystemNational Forest System,
federally owned reserves, c.191 million acres (77.4 million hectares), administered by the Forest Service of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. The system is made up of 155 national forests and 19 national grasslands in 41 states and Puerto Rico.
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That fall, a friend and I planned a deer hunt on the vast Oglala National Grasslands in northwest Nebraska.
(4) In addition, the United States Forest Service (Forest Service) manages nearly two-and-a-half million additional acres in South Dakota including one million acres of national grasslands. (5) Federal land is increasingly becoming an area for outdoor recreation, endangered species habitat, and nature preserves.
Except for two big blocks of national grasslands managed by the U.S.
Forest Service--193.1 million acres: There are some 154 National Forests and 20 National Grasslands that total 193.1 million acres--an area more than twice the size of Montana.
This bird was a big National Grasslands tom that I had called in three times--but not quite far enough.
Growing up he explored the badlands of the Oglala National Grasslands, finding 30-millionyear-old fossils of tortoises and rhinos.
Public-land areas include two parcels of Comanche National Grasslands and the Fort Carson Military Reservation (southeast), two Pawnee National Grasslands (northeast) and a handful of "Ranching For Wildlife" options.
The National Grasslands came into being during this time, and it's estimated the granddaddy of the CRP program cut wind erosion by 65 percent by the late '30s.
From 2008 to 2009, Augustine surveyed mountain plovers during nesting season in four short-grass steppe habitats on the USDA Forest Service's 30-by-60-mile Pawnee National Grasslands in northeastern Colorado.
The Forest Service's National Grasslands units alone support almost 3.5 million acres aces of public lands from Montana and North Dakota to Texas and New Mexico.
of Portal, 25 June 1970 (DMNS ZA.325); Colorado: Denver County: 1 [??], Denver (39[degrees]44'N, 104[degrees]59'W), 4 February 1939 (CU); 1 [??], Smokey Hill, 5 July 1938 (CU); Las Animas County: 1 [??], near Chacuaco Creek (37[degrees]33'N, 103[degrees]38'W), 12 June 1962 (CU); Otero County: 1 [??], Comanche National Grasslands (39[degrees]29'N, 105[degrees]16'W), 29 May 2004 (DMNS ZA.7554); Pueblo County: 1 [??], Pueblo West (38[degrees]18'N, 104[degrees]46'W), 25 September 1999 (DMNS ZA.9841); Weld County: 1 [??], 20.9 km N.
The government bought 11,300,000 acres, planted 220,000,000 trees, established three national grasslands, and spent millions on subsidies.

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