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(of chemical elements, esp metals) found naturally in the elemental form
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A native is a person born in a particular place. In astrology, this term refers to the person for whom a natal chart was cast. In the latter sense, it is a useful, concise term that, in any extended discussion, is preferable to “person for whom this chart was cast” or some such other unwieldy expression. The term native can also refer to someone born under a particular sign, as when one says that she or he is a native of Cancer.

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Grown, produced or originating in a specific region or country.
Pertaining to an element found in nature in a nongaseous state.
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native application

An executable program coded in the machine language of the hardware platform it is running in. Native applications are compiled into the machine language of that CPU. For example, Windows and Mac executable apps are in x86 machine language, while mobile apps are ARM based (see x86 and ARM).

Native Apps vs. Web Apps
Native apps are often contrasted with Web-based applications that are stored on a server and interpreted one line at a time by the browser's JavaScript and HTML interpreters. A native app will always run faster than a Web app, because there is no translation processing taking place. See Web application.

Native Apps vs. Emulated Apps
Like a Web app, an emulated app is also translated into the machine language of the computer at runtime and is considerably slower than a program developed for that platform to start with. See emulator.

Native vs. True Native
With the advent of mobile apps, the terminology began to change. Whereas in the past, a native app was a precompiled program in machine language, a native app today can be an interpreted app or one that is compiled at runtime. See native mobile app.
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What if you went to international schools, where you were taught exclusively by educated native speakers? What if you are a brilliant autodidact from a Chinese village?
Two thousand of the world's languages have less than 1,000 native speakers.
I don't think any native speaker speaks correct English unless he/she is educated.
As a native speaker of German, I, too, had to learn how to please Americans.
In four of the seven local authorities in the region, pupils whose first language isn't English outperform native speakers in getting 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.
And all the while, whether the student is non-native or a native speaker of English, I tell her to write candidly, boldly, and from the heart.
One of our subjects, an American Native speaker of English, who is referred to here as Reliever 3, speaks her mind as follows:
Six pieces of writing were selected from three strata: two native speaker texts which had been assessed as 'A' standard, two native speaker texts assessed as 'C' standard and two non native speaker texts both assessed as 'C' standard.
* omission of the definite and indefinite articles where they are obligatory in native speaker English and insertion where they do not occur in native speaker English