natural childbirth

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natural childbirth:

see birthbirth
or labor,
delivery of the fetus by the viviparous mammal. Birth is also known as parturition. Human birth normally occurs about 280 days after onset of the last menstrual period before conception.
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It will help in maintaining good blood circulation in the body and will also help in improving your stamina for natural childbirth.
Proponents of natural childbirth frown on the use of epidurals--which deadens sensation in a woman's lower body by means of medication injected into the spinal cord.
There, she helped spread the word about natural childbirth and home births, and ran pre-natal classes.
She tracks the rise of "naturalism" and the pressure mothers face around practices like natural childbirth, co-sleeping, "on-demand breast-feeding for as long as the child wants" and staying "by his side until the age of three to optimize his development."
His thorough, sometimes-graphic research on the topics of natural childbirth, artificial insemination of sows, vaccination, and climate change is not for those with a weak constitution.
A disarming example of documentary filmmaking that stakes out an opinion with plain-spoken, commonsensical wisdom, this insightful effort from helmers Sara Lamm and Mary Wigmore doubles as a defense of natural childbirth and an affectionate look back at the movement's '70s countercultural roots.
The stories, and the author's analyses, are grouped in sections on planned hospital natural childbirth, planned spinal labor analgesia, deferred epidural decisions, planned cesarean delivery, vaginal birth after cesarean, and out-of-hospital birth.
Now in a significantly updated and expanded second edition, "Unassisted Childbirth" by author and natural childbirth consultant Laura Kaplan Shanley lays out a persuasively document case advocating childbirth practices and approaches that do not rely on doctors and medical technology, with the surprising result in an inherently safe and relatively painless delivery.
Natural childbirth may be painful, but at least it is just that - natural and surely it should be the first choice for most women.
Many women joined with influential groups such as Our Bodies Ourselves, and women such as Ina May Gaskin, who opened a midwifery and birth center in 1971 and continues to teach natural childbirth; more than 2,600 babies have been born at her center.
The tragedy is that our maternity services are in such a state that many women are being forced to choose a major operation over natural childbirth.

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