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1. a person who is expert or interested in botany or zoology, esp in the field
2. a person who advocates or practises naturalism, esp in art or literature
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one who studies natural history. The Young Naturalists (iunnaty) are schoolchildren who study nature and are concerned with the conservation of useful plants and animals.

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The Glacier's Edge Master Naturalists are environmental volunteers trained by Illinois Extension experts.
And 50 people can hardly be huddled around the naturalist to see something very special, such as perhaps a sea lion pup nursing with his mother for the first time.
BROTHERS Albany and John Hancock carved out reputations as leading Victorian naturalists in the North East.
Walking Home Ground also links the naturalists to one another.
He also admits that, if the goal of practical reasoning can be described entirely in naturalist vocabulary, then the conceptual role semantic account of "is better than" will be compatible with reductive naturalism (2001: 20).
The Editors, The Victorian Naturalist, PO Box 13, Blackburn, Victoria 3130, Australia.
The Wenatchee Naturalist website, created by volunteer Wenatchee Naturalist Leslie Bigos, received the award for Outstanding Volunteer Project.
THE potential demise of Natur Cymru is a huge blow to nature conservation in Wales, writes Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams.
When UC ANR conservation biologist Adina Merenlender launched the California Naturalist program in 2012, she was looking to do more than just educate people.
Each naturalist was responding to a question regarding the role of interpretation in the state parks.