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see nudismnudism
or naturism,
practice of going without clothing in social settings, generally in mixed gender groups and for purposes of good health or personal comfort. Governed by a strict set of rules, the practice of nudism is purposely nonerotic and nonsexual.
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(1) A theory according to which religion originated from the personification and veneration of the forces of nature.

(2) A modern trend in physical culture and sports that recommends maximum contact with nature to attain a healthy body and spirit. Naturism is sometimes called nudism because various activities, including swimming and sports, are conducted in the nude (not all advocates of naturism, however, permit total nudity).

Naturism originated in Germany (under the name Freikorperkultur, “culture of the free body”) at the beginning of the 20th century, primarily among students. Since the 1920’s it has spread to many European countries, as well as to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries, where national federations of naturism have been established. In 1953 the International Naturist Federation was organized. Clubs of naturists have their own beaches, swimming pools, and sports and other facilities. In their charters and their practice the naturists strictly observe the ethical principles of human relationships.


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