naturopathic medicine

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naturopathic medicine:

see naturopathynaturopathy
or naturopathic medicine,
branch of alternative medicine concerned with holistic and noninvasive methods of treating illness and maintaining health.
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Girard is a former board member of the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine (AANP) and the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, which is recognized by the US Department of Education to accredit doctoral programs in naturopathic medicine.
The state of the evidence for whole-system multimodality naturopathic medicine: A systematic scoping Review.
Simon: Our goals include transforming the individual's understanding of whole-person health, and helping them find healthcare providers that address that through naturopathic medicine. In addition, we want to help create greater awareness of the benefits of naturopathic medicine, and provide the profession with great opportunities for engagement with the public.
Naturopathic medicine focuses on restoring the body back to health by supporting and strengthening the natural healing properties found internally.
Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.
Typically people turn to naturopathic medicine after they've tried everything else.
Naturopathic medicine is a 4-year graduate program.
Born from the current deficit of practitioner centred studies using a whole system research model, the Naturopathic Medicine for Improving Mood and Reducing Anxiety Study was created.
The philosophy of naturopathic medicine aligns itself well with the nursing philosophy.
Not for those adamantly opposed to naturopathic medicine or a more organic lifestyle, this book's readers must be open to significant life changes.
Obesity is defined as impaired health due to the accumulation of excess fat, Dr Heather Eade, Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner at Dubai Mall Clinic, says.
The popularity of naturopathic medicine has recently increased among Canadians.