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naturopathic medicine,

branch of alternative medicinealternative medicine,
the treatment and prevention of disease by techniques that are regarded by modern Western medicine as scientifically unproven or unorthodox. The term alternative medicine
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 concerned with holistic and noninvasive methods of treating illness and maintaining health. Centered on the use of natural substances such as vitamins and herbs, naturopathy can also include homeopathyhomeopathy
, system of medicine whose fundamental principle is the law of similars—that like is cured by like. It was first given practical application by Samuel Hahnemann of Leipzig, Germany, in the early 19th cent.
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, manipulation of the body, and other approaches. Naturopathy also emphasizes the importance of a healthful diet and lifestyle in the prevention of disease. Licensed naturopaths, who are trained at accredited schools, are not physicians; they do not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or perform surgeries. Embodying some principles dating to the Greek physician HippocratesHippocrates
, c.460–c.370 B.C., Greek physician, recognized as the father of medicine. He is believed to have been born on the island of Cos, to have studied under his father, a physician, to have traveled for some time, perhaps studying in Athens, and to have then
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, modern naturopathy arose in Europe in the 1880s. It became extremely popular in the United States in the 1890s and the early 20th cent., and has experienced a resurgence in the early 21st cent.
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After trying all sorts of mainstream drugs, it was a very gifted naturopath who turned my life around.
While naturopaths may be increasing in number, they continue to be a small component of health care delivery in rural areas.
In a sense, a naturopath is a teacher, empowering patients to take responsibility for their own health.
As soon as I graduated in 1980, I considered training to be a naturopath, but the prospect of international work and travel seemed somewhat more attractive than a further three years of financial hardship and study.
So he spent several days plowing through the 1,600-page Textbook of Natural Medicine, produced by two naturopaths at Bastyr University, the nation's leading school of naturopathic medicine, founded in 1978 near Seattle.
Since naturopaths believe that the liver craves green foods at this time of the year, its colour also helps to make it the ideal cup of the season.
Whilst a degree-qualified naturopath, he considers himself a herbalist at heart with a passion for etlmophannacology, botany and pharmacognosy.
However the specific arguments as to how such a scheme would effect change in the POP environment are entirely speculative, including providing a framework for a class of genuine POPs that are exclusive to naturopaths, or enforcing requirements for professional practice that prohibit prescription in non-clinical settings (e.
Colorado is one of the states where there are many traditional naturopaths, who were concerned that they might be put out of business.
Many of us have naturopaths within our offices and see the validation of their profession by universities where they work side by side with their MD/DO colleagues," stated Dr.
Naturopaths and homeopaths also tend to emphasize gut health as the root cause of many things, including anxiety.
The NSW State elections are upon us and I urge members to contact candidates in their electorates to ask what their policies are on the use of herbal and other complementary medicines and in particular towards herbalists and naturopaths.

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